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When I was debating whether I should began my journey in entrepreneurship with fashion or beauty my only argument was potentially being contradicting to my message. We live in a world, more today that materialism is being overly worshiped than people wanting to be whole mentally and spiritually.

My love for fashion still lives within but there are other ways in making people feel good and empowered than clothing, etc (materialistic things).

I decided to create a beauty line in hopes that more people transition to the mindset of materialistic things isn’t the only key to making you feel good. But that knowing what ingredients are being placed on your body and going inside your temple is more fulfilling. Eventually I will embark on a fashion creation but first I want to inspire on a more important platform.

My year long journey of being a vegetarian and eating cleaner, has really helped me thrive physically but also mentally. I say no to toxic ingredients and ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. I try hard to only allow natural ingredients to enter my temple, which make me whole.

So throughout this transition, I decided to whip up a batch of Shea and included all my favorite butters and oils. That way I knew what ingredients was in my product and the benefits it had on my body and hair as well. I did this for awhile and that’s when I began to incorporate my own unique scents inside. Murder she wrote and then some.😂

This vision was a process. Something I didn’t initially decide to encounter but life lessons/ changes brought me to understanding my purpose.

With 7 days away until @kimmenaturals launch I pray that I inspire and bring others to want to live healthier but also encourage them to continue to find their purpose also.

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