Plain Jane VS Bombshell

Which look would you prefer?







Corset Top- Trina Turk

Pink Ruffled Blouse- Nordstrom

Trousers- Nordstrom

Pumps- Alice+Oliva

  I actually can’t pick either-or but adding the white corset top is a great way to create another look and with pulling from your summer wardrobe. I do live by the less is more lingo but standing apart from the rest sometimes consists of adding the dramatics. I try to keep it in a subtle way, of course.  I’m a smart shopper and I only buy garments that I know are timeless pieces and that are manufactured well. I take the time to research and to check the tags for the type of fabrics the item is made of. My hopes in fashion blogging is to show my followers creative ways to think out of the box with their daily styling and to shed light on ways to save money on shopping and how I find unique garments. I was taught tips and kicks from previous fashion mentors and teachers and my hopes is to help others with establishing their daily uniform and to grow into their creative rim of fashion.

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