Around the transitional season from Fall to Winter usually fashionista’s retrieve that summer storage bin and begin to pack all their summer clothing away. This is a great way to create more storage space for sweaters and bulkier winter garments. I can assume this is why most women have continued this concept for years. For the past few years, I have kept all my summer clothing in one drawer and pulled pieces time to time to go along with sweaters and for layering purposes.

This season I challenge you to think out of the box and see if you can remix some of your dresses and skirts into winter looks. I have discussed my obsessive love for layering in my past blog post. I find it very fun and innovative to play around with layering summer clothing.

Let me know what you guys are mixing and matching! Send me some photos to I would love to see your summer/winter remixed looks.

Below is a Wayf summer dress I remixed into a winter date night outfit.

This dress is current unavailable but I have created a similar concept look that I’m sure you girls will enjoy. Shop the look by clicking the photos below.


Cole Haan Grey Boots


Striped Button- Front Y-Neck Shirt


Brown Ezri Crochet Trimmed Printed Georgette Dress


          Y.A.S Printed Strap Dress


Brown Heel Boots

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