Resisting Temptation

November 1, 2018

Lately, I haven’t been focused on the prize. I’ve been distracted and have a hard time getting back to the grind. I hate excuses and explanations but life routines that ultimately keep me afloat with maintaining my lifestyle become the priority over the dream. See, if I had it like I want it I would be fulfilling my dreams but what’s a dream without a struggle. I know my potential and I know my higher being has it that I will impact and fulfill my purpose.

I really believe in the aura of negative energy transcending over to positive energy. Realizing and remembering that no one has control over your life really changes the game. No one can put you in an uncomfortable situation or make you do anything you don’t want to do but you. You or anybody else was put here to make everyone happy, and it’s ok to put people in their place. It’s up to you to keep them there. Think about it! You’ve been in a content place in your life, fulfilling your dreams, retaining the knowledge needed to stay self-aware and at peace. You work hard to finally get to that place and boom that DM hit your inbox or that friend from back when wants to reconnect. It’s almost like a drug in a sense. In order to not relapse you have to stay sober. Don’t let the negative vultures do their work. Just like women, men can be just as toxic. Women think men bring less drama. Please! Men hate on women all the time. It’s in a more silent version. Men have calculated plans also, so resist the temptation. I’m sorry boys, good women will continue to have that guard up until further notice.

The scenario given below hinders people with reaching their potential. I flourish when I have people who have either accomplished the success in their field or are doing the work to get there. I no longer want to be around people who just talk about it. I rather take the steps then talk about it. We have a new year creeping up on us. I was able to successful live out my vegetarian diet for a year. Now I’m challenging myself to a year of saving, creating and building. By this time next year, I will have product out for sell. I’m speaking it in existence. So the grind begins. Coming Soon………


Even through the purpose of this outlet is to empower women to be confident with inner self in exploring the creative lanes of fashion, there are other things that go on in my life that I want to share. As a woman, there are other life experiences that I go through; financial, relationships, career, and self-esteem. There’s not enough people who talk about the negative aspects of life people face at times. Mental health is real! Having stability in your mental health is essential for longevity of life and it’s healthy to share your thoughts with love ones. Never hold it in. So, besides fashion, I’m a human being who has thoughts, visions and ideas.

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