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Wherever you are in the world, take a few minutes to sit and reflect on your life. Are you too consumed in the programmed world we live in today? We have become unappreciative to the gift of being FREE in America. Or I pose this question, “Are we really free?” Some work 20 plus years for someone else and constantly think about all the possibilities of if they did this or did that. But why not take that leap of faith? Why work for someone else when you can become your own entrepreneur? Why continue to consume others product when you can re-invent your own? My logic on the fact that we aren’t free is because we have adapted the philosophy of finding a job instead of creating a job. Many people pursue degrees in hope of finding a steady job to eventually become successful. But why not have the mindset of going to school to further educate yourself to then use that to create. We must get in the mindset of owning more than working for. Yes, it’s a process but if you start out having the mindset on top of a plan things should fall in place accordingly.

I believe we are free physically but not mentally. There are a lot of people who are incarcerated who are mentally free but for certain circumstances not physically free. But us on the other side have the choice of being both. Imagine spending thirty years on Death Row for a crime you didn’t commit. Not only are you not physically free from an alleged crime you didn’t commit but also mentally chained from the broken-heart of the obstacles you’ll have to encounter with fighting for your life. Anthony Ray Hinton shared his hardship and pain of being a product of the criminal justice system failing its law-abiding citizens. In the book entitled, “The Sun Does Shine”, Mr. Hinton shares the 30 year journey it took for him to be acknowledged for his innocence in Alabama. A nightmare he didn’t dream but was his reality. Shared was the anguish accounts of 50 plus beings executed one cell shy of Mr. Hintons. With some he called a friend. The bigotry and discrimination he endured was inhumane and taken lightly by the court officials who never wanted him to see a day of light only because of the color of his skin. Having a mother who never saw her baby free before sub coming to cancer. He never got a chance to kiss is mother good-bye but some of us don’t even call our mothers daily to thank them for the sacrifices made. Today I ask you to call your mother and say I love you and thank them.

   Despite all the hate and sorrow Mr. Hinton endured he had an unconditionally loving friend who visited him every week and the person who ultimately fought and fought to save his life Bryan Stevenson. I cried and laughed when reading this book. It showed me that it’s always someone else faced with worst adversity then you’re facing. I sometimes beat myself up over the littlest things, but know when faced with challenges I think about others who constantly fight to live. Thank God I’m free to re-invent, have the funds to eat the food I want and to be able to talk to my family everyday. Some people are in worst situations then others and we have to appreciate and understand why people fought for us to be free. Take a look in the mirror and change for the better.

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