Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Do you know who you really are?

Are you contributing to making the world a better place?

Have you set goals in life?

Are you fulfilling the traits that God created for you to impact others?

   Your answer to all these questions should be, Yes. But, not only with the answer yes, but how and why? See, some people think they have all the answers. You might think you’re on the right path but what if it’s not the correct path? What if you’re in an unfulfilling job that you hate going to, or what if you don’t have a supportive circle to count on? These are just some examples but think about it. Are you just going to work every day just for the money? We all need to maintain steady income to afford necessities, but even with that we make ourselves tend to believe we need those sneakers over that investment. See with Millennials we live for the moment and don’t spend the adequate time in evaluating our future. We rather have the tangible item then obtaining the knowledge.

 People will equivalent college with making an investment for the future, when in fact it is. But my question would be, why do so many people waste degrees with not sticking to their discipline? Is it because they give up or is it the fact that the passion isn’t there anymore. Think about all of that money that could’ve went to your business, stocks or your down payment on a house. We have to think smarter and own more. We have to take time in re-evaluating ourselves and skip out on that party. We have to be the person we want to be and take more risk. We have to accept the fact that being alone is ok and meditation is good for the soul. I rather live life to my fullest potential then worrying about being what someone else wants me to be.

   CEO’S and Millionaire’s read every day, they research, they invest time in the next project. They don’t spend money on insignificant things, they save for those raining days. Their preferred circle of associates understand the sacrifices they make because their friends are CEO’s and Millionaires as well. You are what you hang around. If you have friends who aren’t there, try to educate them. If they aren’t ready tell them to get with you when they are ready. Energy is a powerful force. Negativity and excuses are unacceptable. You have the choice in disassociating yourself. Have a plan and stick with it.

   I felt like my life was out of order. So I had to pick the pieces up and re-evaluate my situation. I took this week for meditation and I talked to myself through the process. Every night and day I listened to inspirational videos and read blog post. I dedicated my time to meaningful substance. No reality TV, not Instagram or Facebook. I invested time in myself and not someone else’s life. I started a daily journal where I write my ideas out. I plan out my day and plan out three things I want to accomplish to get me to my goals. I leave my phone on silent and don’t text during the day as much. I only converse with friends at night when I’m prepping for my next day. I have more me time. My phone was beginning to own me and not me owning it.

 Phones can create missed opportunities. Me posting selfies in the mirror or scrolling through my feed each hour is making no impact on the world. Life is too short and I don’t want to be the girl who is remembered as just another human-being living in the world who just lived and didn’t make an impact. I want to someday be able to give my people jobs, create institutions, create more living arrangements for the homeless, and bring some of our brothers and sisters home to their families from penitentiaries. Some people aren’t able to fulfill their dreams because they waited too late and died never trying. I don’t want to be that person and I don’t want you to be that either. Fight for yourself, believe that you can do anything. We have the resources, so utilize them. Be smarter with your money and only associate yourself with positive being. Have a plan! I hope this message can help someone out in the world who doesn’t really appreciate life by not acting on God’s gift. Just remember to, TUNE IN TO YOU!

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