Yup, in my Basic Tee! Yup, in my Basic Tee!

  I’m trying to be more creative with my title’s. I love music and when thinking of the title for this blog post the song, “White Tee” by the Franchise Boyz came to mind. I changed the White Tee to Basic Tee. So corny, I know! I’m just out here living life and doing what I love. Life is a beautiful thing. Don’t waste it!

  But, on a more serious note, last week I shared some photos and videos on Instagram on how I styled my basic tee shirts. I wanted to show you fashionistas how much you can mix and match a basic tee shirt. I showed ways on how I use my basic tee shirts in my daily styling routine. I wear tee shirts to sleep in, to exercise in, with prints and stripes, and under clothing for layering purposes. Look at all of those variety of ways you can wear one item. This is how I shop now. I think of 5 ways I can wear one item. If I only can wear the item one or two ways I won’t buy it. This saves me a lot of money and I’m not consistently trying to sell things on Poshmark because the item is never being used. Something to think about.

Now, let us get into the looks!

1.) White Basic Tee

Two reason why I love a crisp white tee is to wear with denim and under dresses. It’s nothing more chic then a white tee-shirt under a blazer and some boyfriend denim jeans. So simple but classy. You use your accessories to add your personality and taste. When my white tee-shirt gets old I use them to sleep in or workout in. Don’t recycle your clothing too soon. Keep old clothing in a garbage bag for a month. If you don’t pull from it in a month you know it’s time to donate the bag. You never know, you might actually pull something out eventually.

2.) Black Basic Tee

  I love a Black Tee!! Not a faded one, but a blacky black one!! The darker the better. I love styling prints with black tee-shirts. You can transform a black tee-shirt from sporty to dressy in a split second. The black tee never fails.

Side note: I finally purchased my first Chanel Brooch!! So excited!!

3.) Nude Basic Tee

We all know everyone can’t get away with wearing nudes. I love how nude tan looks on my skin complexion. Now that fall is approaching I will be wearing a lot more earth tone colors. This outfit is an example of how I layer my garments during the fall/winter season.

4.) Tee-Shirt Dress

Sneakers or heels, which one?? I live a little ways out from Washington, DC., so a tee-shirt dress is perfect for when I want to stay in the city the entire day. I wear my sneakers or flats during the day visiting museums and shops and change into my booties or pumps for the night time fun. Also, you can choose to wear tee-shirt dress in the summer or winter. This is when layering comes into affect also.

5.) Graphic Tee

Graphic tee’s and and track pants are so hot right now. Seems like streetwear has taken over and people want to feel more comfortable and relaxed in their clothing. Graphic tee’s are versatile in the sense that you can dress up or down. I’ve been so intrigued with men’s fashion lately and I always find a good fitting graphic tee in their section. I feel so relaxed in men clothing.

If you want to see videos pertaining to the outfits selected please checkout my fashion Instagram, @lofton.bradley!!

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Hope you ladies and gents enjoyed the short videos on @lofton.bradley. Bradley Hughes and I are trying out some new things. As you can tell majority of my closet I’m able to mix and match and get different looks out of one item. I challenge you guys to re-evaluate how you’re shopping and buy more practical garments.

If you like, please comment below and share your feedback.

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