Ombre Nails

Lately I’ve been on the less is more wave even down to my nails. Simplicity and uniformity is everything for a girl like me on the go. Neutral nails tend to blend easily with everything in my closet and especially with me fashion blogging week to week. Colored nails can sometimes clash the uniformity of my looks. Currently, my go to nail style has been the pink and white ombre. I love getting the pink and white powder. This style last for three weeks and helps my nails grow. A simple nude or pink and white ombre nail adds sophistication and class like no other. I remember when I was younger, I would get my nails done and observe the business women get their nails done in natural styles.  I always say, “Boy, those nails look expensive!”

This is a chemical process unfortunately so if you’re into the health of your nails I wouldn’t recommend it. This process does weaken my natural nails. Occasionally, I will break a nail, which btw, is a pain in the butt. When I break a nail it just ruins the look and my mood, and trust people do notice. People pay attention to nails because it’s something I play attention to when I first meet someone. Nails have their own category of describing ones personality. If I’m feeling creative I usually get a design or color, if I’m feeling Plain Jane I go for my neutrals. I guess its been that blah type of month since I’ve been on my hiatus.

 If you’re into the “How to Look Expensive on a Budget”, neutral nails can heighten your over all appearance. Your nail appearance is apart of your daily uniform. A simple clear polish does the trick if you’re low on funds or just do not have the time to get your nails professionally done. I know some women share that they take care of their nails at home. There are gel manicure kits for purchase where you can do your nails yourself with the professional look. I’m sure you can save a lot of money doing this method. If you’re the person who has the time to do so I think its worth a try.

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