I’m Back!

I’ve been on hiatus for a few months, but I’m here to stay now.

My last time chatting with you all I shared that I was revamping my brand and created a new Instagram account. When it’s not broke, don’t fix it is the new motto. When you have something already going smooth, why interrupt the progression? Let it marinate into the goodness for a while. You’ll know when it’s time to move. Keep the consistency flowing and you’ll see the reward.

I’m easily distracted and want everything to happen in that very moment. I think we all are to some extent. I’m a visionary and creator and I consistently have projects I want to accomplish. But, with having a full time job not even in the career of fashion and other responsibilities, having obedience and scheduling are key components. I’m only one person and I understand now I can’t take on so many projects at once. It’s always good to have a great friend in your corner to remind you and motivate you constantly. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish some of my spontaneous ideas without the help of Bradley Hughes. He’s not only my photographer, but he’s my accountability coach/ good friend. I really appreciate and thank him. Having friends who believe in you more than yourself  sometimes are just none replaceable. Following him (@8th_notephoto) and if you like my photos book him for a shoot. So, having said all that after my few months of reflection, I’m back. More fashion inspo, vlogs and blogs coming your way. Once I get in my routine I will share the days for uploading post weekly.

Always remember, keep positive people in your corner and haters from a far. Never ever give up on your dreams. It’s a lot of people accomplishing there goals out here. Literally starting million dollar companies from just a vision. Those are the people you want in your corner. Never burn bridges and be grateful for who you are and the success you have or have coming in the near future.

Let’s recap before September hits. My Summer Fun!

Malibu, California

I went to California for the first time! Amazing times!

I walked Hollywood Boulvard, met my Fashion Teacher Lauren Messiah, and of course went shopping. The weather was beautiful and the condo I stayed in had a beautiful view of Malibu beach.

Outter Banks, North Carolina

My photographer Bradley invited me on this amazing trip to the Outer Banks.

We flew kites on sand dunes, had a little pool time and walked the beach. I out swam Bradley a few times too! Of course we got our photoshoot time in but not as much as we wanted. This trip was more for relaxation time then business. I met some amazing couples/entreprenurs and I was so gracious to be around fun, outgoing people. The beach house we stayed in was absolute beauty.

Richmond, Virginia

My hometown where my beautiful Woo Woo sister got married. Now, if you really now me personally you know I cheered practically my entire life. I was a cheerleader at the university I attended for my undergrad and we were called the WOO WOO’s. Jasmine tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend from college and I was blessed to be in attendance. This was the first wedding I’ve attended of a close friend. To see a lovely couple blossom over the years, to committing there eternity. Just a beautiful site to see. I wish them true happiness and they are Summer 18’s definition of what Love Is.

The Pierce Family Reunion

That same weekend was my family reunion. Always a fun field time chatting it up with the fam! The first question always asked is, “When you tying the knot with someone?” When I give the confused face, they know when to stop asking questions. My day will come, I tell them. Fellowship, food and fun it was!

So, apart from my break from blogging I had some fun times this summer.  Let’s see if next summer can top this one. Definitely more traveling and attending events in the plans. I do have another wedding to attend. My cousin will be getting married. He’s a lawyer and just closed on his first home last weekend. My family doing big THANGS!

Now that you know all about my summer, share below what you did. I want to know all about. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @loftonbraldeyxkc and subscribe to this blog page.

Until then folks!



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