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My brand, LoftonBradley was developed for the everyday women who has a love for fashion and beauty but doesn’t work in a profession that affords the opportunity to express herself in such way. As my brand began to grow and opportunities presented themselves, I decided to revamp my brand and separate the personal from business. My new platform is to inspire, and motivate women to still stay true to themselves but remain the sexy, confident, beautiful women even in despite of working in a male predominant career.

LoftonBradley is the example of one tiny black girl living two lives and living out two dreams. It’s not everyday you see a women in law enforcement by day, then aspiring fashion entrepreneur by night. I continue to strive to make an impact in the two fields I have a passion for even when it seems to others as impossible. I look at it as opposites attract!

Lofton has a personal style of Vintage, Boho and Artsy.

Bradley is the Casual, Tomboy and Preppy type of chick.

I always share that my #ootd is associated with my mood of the day. I will continue to present my creative craft of fashion to all of my followers in hopes to inspire women with their daily task in wardrobe styling while feeling confident.

I always tell myself when theirs passion, you’ll do any and everything because you actually enjoy doing it. When theirs disinterest you don’t work as hard, you only do it for the people and the benefits.


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