Pack less, it’s Best!

Minimizing the amount of items you pack can be quite a struggle for people. I struggle with this concept all the time. It really kicked me in the butt on my latest trip to Los Angeles, California. I over packed, barely wearing 75% of the clothing brought with me. By this being my first time on the west coast I literally shopped till I dropped. Not only was the Nordstrom’s in Los Angeles having their half yearly sale, but the Nordstrom Rack stores had great selection of mark down items. I noticed a more simplistic type of fashion in California so there were lots of markdowns on unique goodies. I managed to snag and bring back some treasures to Virginia.
On the morning of me packing, I looked at my suitcase and all of the shopping I had done and knew there would be issues with fitting everything in my luggage. Needless to say, I managed to fit everything in my bags, including my friend’s luggage as well. Me saying all of this, only pack what you need. Depending on how many days you’re staying on your vacation, create a top 3 outfit selection and bring separates to mix and match. I noticed I only wore the same two pair of heels and the same pair of sneakers, I packed more shoes then I needed. Also, if you know you’re going shopping on vacation, you can also merge your new treasures with old when you feel you didn’t pack something from home. But of course, when it comes to accessories more is always better!

Charis, owner of Sassy Jones Boutique also shares a neat way to pack your accessories for your trip ahead. Those cute boxes that your jewelry comes in when you place an order can also be a travel box for your accessories. So before you toss the box save at least two for storage.

Below are some colorful vacation looks I created styled with SassyJones accessories. I’m beginning to add more color into the wardrobe this summer, you should too! Most accessories are all sold out, stay tune for restock if available!!
















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