It’s a Celebration!! The Church Edition

Hey Sassy ladies. I’m back with another fashion inspirational “How To” segment. After a little reflection over the past blog post and a discussion with Mrs. SassyJones herself, I figured why not create more relatable content. I want you ladies to be more involved and tell me what you want to see styled with the pieces. I see there are often questions on how to style a certain piece of jewelry or just examples on the variety of ways to wear a piece. I’m here for you ladies and I want you all to be able to recreate looks at home. Most of the ladies who are ladies soon customers are working mother, on the go, and just don’t have time for the extra layering. I understand… I have the answer for you ladies too!!!

Going forward I will style more looks showing versatile ways of wearing one article of clothing and wearing it multiple way. This will strive to help you ladies come up with more ways to wear the same garments more than once and a variety of ways. What I’ve noticed in fashion is we don’t recreate versatile looks anymore. The average women either doesn’t have time or the funds to affordable a new shirt, pair of shoes each week. Most of the time we wear once and move to the next best thing. I personally can’t afford to do this and even if I could I pretty sure I wouldn’t. That just take away the art in fashion, in my opinion.

So, this week it’s all about getting in that spring/summer feel. Splashing colors everywhere and being the topic of decision. Let’s get our praise on and but look styling doing so. You can look fashion forward without it being inappropriate. During the summer months most services allow for a more casual dressy dress code rather than formal. With my looks I decided to add some color since I normally stay in the earth tone family.

Hope you enjoy my looks! Don’t forget to check out my very first client I style for her Women’s Empowerment Conference!! Brief photo attached at the end of the blog post!!

Look 1





  • sbm_9754-2


Sunnies: ‘Sorbet’/ ‘Monica’-Orange

Bracelets: ‘Tammi” Bracelet Stack

Purse: ‘Kaleidoscope’ Chain

Brooches: ‘Love Birds’

Earrings: ‘Mia’ Irregular Drop

Look 2




Sunnies: ‘Jodie’/ ‘Alexa’

Brooch: ‘Liza’ Bootie

Earrings: ‘Avion’ Oversized Studs

Look 3




Necklace: ‘Libby’ Sparkler

Earrings: “Coming Soon”

Purse: “Coming Soon”

Look 4






Necklace: ‘Imani’ Beaded Bib

Earrings: “Coming Soon”

Bag: ‘Fortuna’

Photographer: Samia Minnicks

Creative Director: Katrina Mazyck

Personal Styling Services

I’m now proving Personal Styling Services! If you’re interested in revamping your summer closet or looking for the perfect outfit for that special occasion hire me to do all the work for you. For more information please contact me at loftonbradley@gmail.


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