Why Accessories are a MUST! (THE REMIX)

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As I’m sure you are fully aware, Sassy Jones Boutique has officially relocated! The retail store is currently undergoing renovations, but sooner than later customers will be able to come by everyday to pick-up new goodies. How exciting!!! If you aren’t local, don’t panic! The online site will still be available now for purchases and also once the retail store has launched. Stay tune for an email update in regards to when regular store operations will begin in the new location.

Elegant Night Wear

Aren’t we all over the normal tight spanx dresses and bodysuits from BCBG or Fashionnova. Going out doesn’t necessary have to be about showing off more(skin). When I was in college and would get dressed to go to the club I would almost put myself through a check-off list in regards to if I was showing enough skin. As I’m maturing, I think to myself, “Who created the rule or the perception that women have to show cleavage or legs to go out for a night of fun?” Not to mention it takes away the fun of being creative when you just put a dress on that doesn’t express who you really are. I definitely still show off a little skin time to time, but I always put myself to the test. I have always stuck by a rule when getting dress for a night out and it’s been working wonders for me for years now. My rule has always been if I want to show a little cleavage, I have to wear trousers or a bottom that doesn’t reveal a large portion of my legs. And vice versa for legs, no cleavage. I have no idea where I got this rule from, but you all should try it and share your thoughts. Next time you plan to head out into the town try to create an outfit that expresses your personality. Add some thought and flavor!!

Often times when I’m getting dress I try to figure out ways to remix pieces. It’s those little things in your house that can set you apart from the rest. I have seen the most creative women who look better than women who have clothing on worth thousands of dollars. I tell people all the time, “Don’t get wrapped in the cost and name.” There are so many lovely high designer pieces I would love to own. But when I get inspired by a high end look I remake it into what’s comfortable for my pockets to afford. Usually, I always go for the accessory and recreate the wardrobe portion with more affordable brands. Sometimes the scarf that you lay your edges down could be the cutest belt to complete your look or even a brooch placed on a shoe to add flavor and glam.

Below are three looks I created that expresses who I am but also captures the creativity in using the little things I already own at home.

All Black with a pop of Red!


Earrings: ‘Porshia’ Irregular Gems

Bracelets: ‘Raakel” Cuff in Red

Brooch: Coming Soon!

A Night at the Museum!



Clutch: Coming Soon!

Necklace: Coming Soon!

Earrings: ‘Amber’ Sparklers

Brooch: ‘Lilly’ Crystal

After Party Festivities

 Bag: ‘Queen’ Chain Purse

Bracelets: ‘Ramonda’ Tribal Bangle, ‘Yemeya’ Cuff

Scarf: Coming Soon!

Brooch: ‘Comet’ Crystal Brooch

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