Color me Spring!

Day Party Season has arrived!!!

Even though spring is officially upon us and the cherry blossoms have bloomed, the weather still calls for heavy clothing. Soon we will get to enjoy some warm weather and began changing out our winter wardrobe for Spring/Summer. So what better way but to discuss some 2018 trendy spring essentials to experiment with in your daily wardrobes this season!

2018 Spring Trends

 The Fanny Pack/ Belt Bag/Short Strap Crossbody bag


I’ve been seeing this trend more and more over the years, and I can officially say this cute compact accessory is here to stay. Once upon a time I remember my mother wearing her fanny pack when we would have family day at the amusement park. Then, there wasn’t many fashionable fannies and I remember as a kid they weren’t so in style either. They are back and lots of brands have spiced the look up. Now named the Belt Bag, this hot accessory piece can go with any outfit and you are hands free. The Short Strap Crossbody Bag is another variation of the belt bag, you’re just wrapping the bag around your torsos. This bag is definitely a trendy piece for the spring/summer. I actually purchased one for my birthday!

Bold Platform Shoes

 I’ve never really been a huge fan of platform heels, but ever since Rihanna launched her Puma Fenty line I’ve been absolutely in love with platform sneakers. I’m a shortie so I love sneaks and when they make me look 4 more inches taller, it’s definitely a winner for me. Brands like Stella McCartney and Gucci make really in-style fashion platform sneaker shoes. You can dress them up/down, lots of versatility with these.

Shoulder-Grazing Statement Earrings

Sassy Jones Boutique isn’t a stranger to the shoulder grazing earring. These style earrings are a spring/summer trend this year and everyone will let their hair up and let the statement earring do all the talking. I’m a huge fan of these style earrings. By my hair being big and curly I tend to go with longer, bold earrings instead of studs. I prefer earrings with character that show off a pop of color under my curly hair. These style earrings won’t stay in stock long this summer, make sure you stock up while you can!!

When I think of Spring I think of vibrant colors and flowy clothing. I created three looks that can be worn for a very chill event such as a day party or cookout.

Look 1 


‘Regalia’ Chain 

Second Necklace Pictured: ‘Coming Soon’


‘Catori’ Tribal

‘Fiona’ Dangles

Third Earring Featured: ‘Coming Soon’


‘Coming Soon’

Look 2


‘Sienna’ Cuff


‘Thalia’ Dazzlers


‘Coming Soon’

Look 3 


‘Coming Soon’


‘Tuscan’ Drops


‘Jumanji’ Oversized Bangles

‘Noemi’ Bangle Stack

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