What is your Personal Style?

Hey ladies and gents!! It’s been a few weeks, but I have some awesome news. I have officially completed my School of Style- Personal Stylist Course. This journey was extremely beneficial and I cant wait to expand more on my brand. Sometimes you have to invest money and time in things you want more professional knowledge in. I have always be an advocate of continuing education. This is something I’m very proud of accomplishing and I can’t wait to frame my certificate and show you all. There is so much to share about the course but, I rather you all take the course and be the judge for yourself. Most likely I will share a few tips I’ve learned in future blog post. My outlook on fashion and style has evolved big time after taking this course. I have truly learned a lot from Lauren Messiah. Prior to taking the course, I was a hug fan of her work. I would literally watch her YouTube videos all night. For some strange reason at night I’m most inspired and think about all the things I would like to accomplish over the years. Weird, I know! I also, found it ironic that she attended Virginia Commonwealth University, which is located in my hometown. This is where she studied fashion. She has lots of knowledge to offer in regards to fashion. If any of you are interested I will leave handlers below. You can also catch her on YouTube. Check her out and get some styling tips from the style expert herself.

Catch Lauren Messiah on:

@laurenmessiah- IG,  School of Style- Website for online courses 

Lauren Messiah- Youtube

So let’s talk a little about personal style…..

Have you all ever been out shopping and walked passed a mannequin and stated, “Susie would wear that outfit?” This is a prime example of Susie mastering the concept of having a personal sense of style. Developing a personal style helps you in so many ways you never even thought of.

Below are three advantages of developing your own personal style:

Helps you get dressed faster, and more space in your closet.


Trust and believe there has been times where I feel I have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothing. With my personal style I usually act off of my hair or a particular shoe when creating the outfit of the day. In a blog post to come I will share what my personal style is and the categories I associate with and why.

Planning your outfit the night before always saves on time. It also gives you an opportunity to sleep on it for a possible outfit change due to mood or the weather. Most often the rule is, “less is best”, just as “quality over quantity.” When you can actually see what articles of clothing you have and your closet is well organized creating your signature look becomes a breeze. I’m currently conducting a closet cleanse this month and selling lots of items. Things you no longer have interest in or can’t fit anymore, get rid of it! Selling these items helps with space, but also with purchasing more signature pieces. Lauren Messiah emphasizes, “For every new item, one old item goes.” This is something I have definitely started to use myself. Try it, let me know how it works out.

Save some MULLAHHH!


Trends come and go! Don’t be the person with lots of trendy expensive clothing and once trends are over and done with your stuck with the item and the bill. It’s definitely cool to have some trendy pieces but think about these two questions:

Does this particular piece fit my person style?

Will I be able to resale or wear years to come?

For ages I have been stuck with clothing that I only like for the time and think what a waste of money. Through my study of fashion and my developed personal style I tend not to make these mistakes anymore. I shop for long lasting pieces. This goes for accessories as well. I tend to buy more extravagant accessories pieces then clothing or shoes. Invest more money on accessories and shoes then in your garments.

No more excuses of, “I don’t have anything to wear!”


When revamping your wardrobe stick to purchasing essentials/basic items that go with everything. Every girl needs black and nude pumps. When the black doesn’t match the nude is the backup friend. Once again, “Stop buying all trendy clothing!” You will always feel you don’t have anything to wear because more than likely once you wear those trendy items a few times the trend has come and gone. Recently, I’ve been getting paid for selling my pre-owned stuff and the extra cash has really came in handy. Apps like Poshmark and Tradesy are great for selling glently used items.

I’m telling you ladies, if you actually sit down and think to yourself, “What is my ideal Personal Style” you will began to flourish in all three areas. It’s an all-time perk of having you own unique sense of fashion. Once this is mastered you’ll become the Susie your friends all refer to.



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  1. Thanks for this post! I always felt that since I don’t really buy in trend clothing items that I just wouldn’t blend in with the fashion “high end” crowd. But this post really helped me realize a lot of things! Thanks again.

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