3 words that best describe my brand.

The Big 3!

I’m currently in a certification course through School of Style. Hence why it’s been a few weeks of no post. Sorry! But I’ve been learning the essential information of becoming a personal stylist. I decided to invest some money on a passion of mine and start the initial steps in starting my fashion business. In just a few months I will be a certified stylist and able to take on clients. This is a huge step for me and I’m so excited to work with women in creating a stylish wardrobe.

Each week we have assignments to complete and last week our teacher asked, “What are three words that’s describe your brand.” I thought long and hard about my three words and thought why not share my response with you all.

The three words that best describe my brand are Sophisticated, Individuality and Vibrant.


I’ve always described style as being edgy sophisticated. Through my years of growing into the fashion world I’ve noticed a lot of women dress overly sexy and forget the sophistication. I love showing skin for the right occasions but I always remember to show skin in portions. Leave something to the imagination. Sophistication describes my brand/style.


With your brand you must always remember your true unique self is what draws people in to want to buy your product or follow you. My unique story is I have big, natural curly hair with a love for fashion being a full time Deputy Sheriff. I strive to bring an end to the stereotype of women in law enforcement having to be too tough to show off their feminine side. Individuality comes when you know who your true self is.


I’m very adventurous and love having a great time. I’m always smiling and love putting others in a good mood. Besides showcasing my style I also love showing the fun and entertaining things I do on my days off. The vibrant comes from me still enjoying my 20’s.

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