How to be Fashion forward in the workplace.


In 2018, “We come to play no games!!”

This is the motto the SassyJones team is living by this year. We are checking off all of the boxes on the to-do list and making our dreams reality. SassyJones Boutique is continuing to evolve into the successful business, Owner Charis, always dreamed of and she has lots of announcements and surprises to share this year. The customers satisfaction and happiness is the #1 priority and we want to always ensure we are fulfilling all expectations. It is helpful to hear insight from you ladies on what topics you all would like to see on future blog post or even personal advice on how to style an outfit with an particular SassyJones piece.  We love feedback! It helps us grow as a team and discuss ways for improvement. Don’t ever hesitate to comment below or shoot us an email.

To start off the new year the team decided to go with a Business theme for this blog post. Everyone thinks you have to wear pearls and diamonds with business attire to look sophisticated and sharp. There are an abundant of accessories that cost way less and are way more fashion forward then the standard pearl and diamond. Below I have attached three SassyJones pieces that will accent well with your everyday business attire.



The ‘Leilani’ Sparkle Beanie is a cute winter accessory that adds glitz and glam to your business attire. The hat immediately grabs attention when worn with a suit or skirt set. So cute and girlie. I love sequin and hats, so you know I had to purchase this accessory for my collection. This hat comes in two styles. The great thing about this beanie is you can wear it with a more casual outfit as well. Maybe like an all denim look, with sneakers.



The ‘Wakessa’ Tribal necklace stands alone as the ultimate fashionable statement piece. Some women aren’t into having the necklace with the matching bracelet and earrings. With this beauty, all you need paired with this is cute stud earring. Sometimes less is more. With the “Wakessa” necklace it’s already a bold and extravagant piece so let the necklace shine on without other distractions from other accessories. This necklace is also available in a red color.


The ‘Zecora’ scarf is the most versatile piece out of the bunch. You can wear it around you neck, attach it to a purse, tie it on your head and sometimes wear it as a belt. What I love about the ‘Zecora’ Scarf is that it’s super big and silky.

Look 1: Pants Suit

Scarf: ‘Zecora’ Silk Scarf

Earrings 1: ‘Golden Luau’ Drops

Earrings 2: ‘Tabetha’ Tassels- Black

Beanie: ‘Leilani’ Sparkle- Multi

Suit: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Coat: Jcrew

Look 2: Dress with Cape

Necklace: ‘Wakessa’ Tribal

Earrings 1:‘Tabetha’ Tassels- Wine

Earrings 2: ‘Adeea’ Sparklers- Chocolate

Cuffs: ‘Everly‘/’Rubble’/

Bracelet: ‘Ambrosia

Beanie: ‘Leilani’ Sparkle- Gold

Tote: ‘Kisi’ Metallic 

Dress: Signature by Robbie Bee

Cape: Steve Madden

Boots: Sam Edelman

Belt: Ferragamo

Look 3: Skirt Set

Earrings 1: ‘Apache’ Crystals- Currently not available

Necklace 1: ‘Athena’ Bib

Earrings 2: ‘Adaliss’ Fringe

Necklace 2: ‘Odessa’ Tribal

Skirt Set: Chelsea 28 (Nordstrom)

Jacket: Hinge

Shoes: Steve Madden

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