It’s Cold as Balls!

Hello Ladies and Gents! We are already a few weeks into the New Year and everything has been going smooth for me but this bitter cold. My body has been taking well to my new diet and I’ve been faithfully sticking to “NO MEAT”! No cheating over here. My hair has literally been in a plaited up-do for a week. My braid-out results using the Bekura products might not be as polished as I would’ve hoped due to me not taking the plaits out for a week.  I will still post results to show you all how the braid-out turned out.

Buttttt, back to this cold weather. I live in the Northern, Virginia (NOVA) area and I have not witnessed a Winter as such in a long time. Let me share a little story for those who don’t follow me on Instagram. Usually in the winter I still try to go out, have a little fun on my days off. The first week into the New Year I decided to stay in on the two days I had off and watch Netflix movies in bed. Friday morning, I went to start my car and my battery had died. To keep the story short, I ended up call AAA and they came and jumped my car. The Mechanic tested my battery and it read that my battery was still high functioning. I explained to him that I hadn’t drove my vehicle in two days and the mechanic looked at me weird. He explained that, “In the winter you should start you car everyday due to the extreme cold weather”. Prior to me purchasing a home, I lived in a townhome with a garage for 3 years. I never had this issue, my vehicle was protected. But moral to the story is, start your vehicle up everyday even if you have no place to be. Luckily, I didn’t have to purchase a new battery.

Below I have attached some breakfast meals that I have been eating in the mornings. So simple and quick. I love banana pancakes so I figured as my bananas get old I would mash the bananas in my pancake batter or put them in my smoothies. I purchased a blender from TJMaxx and other kitchen gadgets. I’m enjoying the Nutri Ninja and I got it at a great price from TJMaxx. This blender is so powerful. In the mornings I feel that I’m waking my neighbors up from all the nose this machine makes. I’ve had it for a week now and I’ve already used it three times. It has different setting to choose from and I can’t wait to make spaghetti sauce and frozen drinks.

Since being on this new diet I have found myself enjoying cooking and learning about nutritional meals to fix. I have found lots of Vegetarian blogs online that I have copied recipes to try. Grocery shopping wasn’t been an enjoyable time for me in the past, but now I can’t wait to go every other week. I will continue to keep you all in the loop on my new diet progress!







One Lunch/ One Dinner Meal


Everyone please stay warm!

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