Splash Those Winter Coats With Sassy Jones Accessories!


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It’s been a minute, but I’m back like I never left. On today’s post I’m here to share some tips on layering bulky clothing (winter coats and sweaters) without hiding your accessories. Yesss ladies, you still can be cute and show off those Sassy Jones accessories with staying warm in the process!!! We all know by now from previous post that I live by my textures and layering technique. In the coolers months I have more leverage in explaining on my creativity without having a heat stroke in the process. Below I explain a few tips that may help you ladies create looks using some of your summer clothing or to rethink some things for your Fall/Winter 2017 styling routine.

1.) Lets talk about summer dresses, skirts and shorts!

A great way to still utilize all of your clothing year round is to add those basic solid color crew neck and turtle neck sweaters under your dresses you sported during the summer season. This concept won’t work on all dresses but for most you can definitely vamp it up for a fall/winter look. Skirts and shorts are easy!! I’m loving the fall trend now with the destroyed denim shorts and skirts with booties or boots and a nice turtle neck and blazer. Instead of packing all of my denim shorts and skirts I pair them with some fall looks I wear time to time.

2.) Scarves, Hats and Gloves

This is the time to invest in the unique accessories that grab attention! When you have a bulky coat on, jeans and riding boots the perfect popping “VOGUE” skully hat, Vampy lip and flowy scarf adds flavor to the mix when you have tons of clothes on.

3.) Tights, Tights, Tights…

 Printed tights and stocking are your best friend during the cooler months. When you’re out shopping pick up tights in all colors and prints. I have a drawer literally dedicated to just tights. In the winter I wear lots of boots so I love when I have a pop of color or print instead of a boring pair of black or brown. They also look good with those shorts and shirts also. Dillard’s and TJ Maxx always have sells on tights and stockings.

Styled below are three looks that are simple and stylish with a winter coat.  A pant, dress and skirt combo. Let me know how you all like the looks!! You can check out the outfit deets on my instagram page (@lofton.bradley).


Pant look

Accessories styled with look:

Hat- ‘Vogue’ Beanie

Earrings- ‘Dream Catcher’ Dangles

Necklace- ‘Zira’ Tibal Necklace

Dress look

Accessories styled with look:

Necklace: ‘Neema’ Tribal Necklace

Sunglasses: Catalina

Skirt look

 Accessories styled with look:

Glass: Catalina Sunnies

Earrings (1st photo): ‘Malika’ Spirals

Necklace: ‘Layla’ Pearl Bib

Earrings: ‘Oversized Pearl’ Boho Studs- Ivory

 Extra look:


Accessories styled with look:

Necklace: ‘Alexandra’ Chain

Earrings: ‘Oversized Pearl’ Boho Studs- Pink

 ‘Cadence’ Leather Clutch

 (2nd bag): ‘Kali’ Oversized Clutch

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