Simple Ways to Style Jeans + A Tee

Hello to all of my Sassy Jones Fashionistas!

My name is Kimberly Coleman, personal style blogger. You can find me on Instagram as @lofton.bradley. Charis, owner of Sassy Jones, gave me the honor of showing off my personal style looks through her blog site. Each post I will pick a theme and create looks with hopes of inspiring viewers with ideas they can use in their daily wardrobe styling. I’m a big stickler on layering garments. I create the most unique looks when I layer garments together. I can wear a shirt 10 times and each time the shirt looks different because of how I layer clothing over/under. I also add different jewelry pieces time to time. Recently, I started to get into the costume jewelry world. Choosing jewelry use to be a nightmare for me. I would get so overwhelmed with picking the right piece to style with my looks. This is why I mainly opt to wear my simple silver and gold mixer pieces and let my outfits tell the story.

One day, I was with my sister helping her and my brother-n-law with a project and I happened to walk past a sparkly store that caught by eye. Sassy Jones Boutique read on the side in bright pink letters.  I couldn’t resist but to go inside and check it out. Presentation is everything and we all know Mrs. Sassy Jones is snatched 24/7. Once I walked in, the rest was history. I felt that overwhelming feeling come over me, and I wanted everything in the store. After trying on a few necklaces, I purchased the Raya Choker and knew I should start incorporating costume jewelry in my weekly fashion segments. The Raya Choker is currently my favorite piece and I just can’t put it down. I can have on the plainest dress or top but the Raya Choker adds life to the look. I will forever be a Sassy Jones frequent customer and I’m so delighted to have the pleasure in collaborating with her boutique for future projects.

 I view style as a form of art that nonverbally converses mood and energy in a person’s day-to-day life. There are so many different cultural styles and creativity other cultures convey all across the world. I strive to think out of the box and dare a little deeper in my comfort zone with fashion. Of course there’s no complete look without the hairdo to tie the bow on the fabulous gift. Natural hair comes in so many forms and I have stood strong in my curly tresses, which individualizes me in a crowd. My blog post are to educate, inform and inspire women on what I’ve learned as being an African American women. I never allow material things to outshine my beauty. These things are only an enhancement of what I have already developed. Friends and family have paved the way for my passion for creativity and I hope my energy can be transferred through viewer’s daily lives with fashion.

To kick off the weekly segment of “Personal style looks by LB” we will be styling variations of the jean and tee! Typically, I’m usually not the girl who grabs a jean and tee to make a fashion statement. I wanted to test my creativity a little and create day to night looks using the two basic clothing essentials. In this segment, I styled two looks using a basic jean and tee, and created a fashion day and night look with incorporating Sassy Jones Boutique jewelry and by layering other garments.


For the first look I wanted to go with an all-white concept. All white is so polished and chic. You can definitely play around with bold jewelry pieces with an all-white palette. For the day time look I’m wearing a white V-neck tee-shirt from Free People, white destressed jeans from Paige Jeans, platform pumps from Aldo shoes and a caramel thin belt made by designer Vince Camuto. All jewelry worn can be purchased from Sassy Jones, click each pic to check out the pieces.





For night time we layered a jean Levi’s short sleeve button up top and looped the caramel Vince Camuto belt around the jean shirt. The team had fun with the night time look. We paired lots of jewelry pieces with this look.









The second look was my favorite out of the two. I paired a crew neck Marc Jacobs’s Polka dot tee-shirt with a pair of wide leg jeans from Old Navy and a silver pump. I layered a grey jean vest from H&M over the polka dot tee-shirt. Let’s not forget that I’m the layering queen. You ladies and gents will see me layering garments all the time in my up in coming blog post.







For the night time look I added a white collared button up vest blouse under the polka dot tee-shirt and layered a grey and white crew neck blazer over the tee-shirt. The team paired different Sassy Jones jewelry pieces.



When transforming a look from daytime to nighttime don’t forget about the hair. Hair and jewelry can always take a look up or down a notch.

Stay tuned weekly for more personal style looks by me. Hope you all enjoyed the jean and tee segment!!!

Here’s some behind the scenes pics of the shoot!





Sassy Jones Team

Owner of Sassy Jones Boutique- Charis Jones

Kimberly Coleman- Blogger

Jadien- Photographer

Katrina Mazyck- Creative director

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