New Diet for the New Year

The Vegetarian diet has begun! Today is Jan. 1st and I am no longer eating meat for the month of January. I decided to go to Wegmans to pick up a few items to hold me off for a couple days. I started my diet a few days prior to the 1st of the year and already have noticed I will be doing a lot of snacking and grocery shopping. The food pictured, lasted me two days and I was right back at the grocery store. I’m definitely going to have to plan my meals and get creative with this diet.

Of course I wasn’t ready to commit to leaving dairy products.


When I was home for the holidays my parents had this in the freezer. My dad and I ate the whole gallon together. Sorry Mom! So you know I had to purchase two gallons, since the Egg Nog flavor is limited edition. This is why I have to stay away from home until my Vegetarian diet is complete! HAHA


I’ve been drinking more tea this winter. There’s a sickness going around at my job and I was feeling a little under the weather a few weeks back. The Lemon Ginger did wonders to soothe my itchy throat. I sliced a lemon and added some Aguave syrupt, so good. I’m still getting in the hang of not adding sugar. It’s definitely a different taste but I should manage.

Who knew Home Goods sold food?!!


This is my third time purchasing these chips. Since I recently purchased a home this past summer I’ve really been falling in love with interior decoration and find myself in Home Goods on my spare time. I never knew they sold food, and most of the food has 100% natural ingredients.

These were just some little goodies I thought I would share. Please attach any recipes or recommendations you guys suggestion that I can try. The mean time I will continue to do my research and surf Youtube.

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