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The big secret is revealed! I’m always asked either, “What do you put in your hair” or “What foundation do you wear”? I’ve never been the one to wear lots of foundation. In college I loved a quick tinted moisture, blush and eye liner and I was good to go. As I began to mature my skin started to change and I would break out more and more. Don’t get me wrong I do try different foundations time to time but I never like the coverage it provides. Iman Cosmetic foundations give me that light coverage I prefer. Below I have provided images of the products I use from the line.



Iman’s Second to None Stick Foundation has been a staple foundation of mine for years. This is usually my base foundation with every other beauty product I use. I get two shades, one that matches my exact skin tone and a lighter shade that is placed in my t-zone. The lighter shade acts as my concealer and some days I don’t even need another concealer for highlighting purposes on top. The consistency is very creamy and this foundation glides on like butter. The foundation gives me the exact amount of coverage I always aimed for. I would say its a Light-Medium coverage foundation with one layer, which is what I stick to. And also ladies,  the darker shade matches my true skin tone perfectly. Sometimes when I wear the darker shade alone it looks as if I don’t even have foundation on.

Foundation Shades: Earth 3, Clay 4


Iman’s Second to None Luminous Foundation Powder is what I place over the stick foundation to get a luminous, flawless finish. This powder sets the stick foundation and I remain oil-free the entire day. I’m simple when it comes to make-up. What works for my skin is what I usually stick with. My skin gets very oily in the t-zone and I’ve never had problems with becoming oily using this product combo. The great thing also about this foundation is that it adds a glow to the skin from the bronzing particles in the product.

Foundation shade: Earth 3


Iman’s Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder in Afterglow is what  I use as a blush. I usually mix all of the colors together to get an extra rosy glow. This blush with a matte bronzer is all you need for the chiseled look.

Iman’s Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder in Sand is what I use normally in conjunction with a matte blush. I never pair two glow products together. I don’t want to look like a disco ball, “NO BUENO”!

I purchased all of my Iman products from Walgreens. Click the link to see what stores

sell Iman near you.

So there you have it, the secret is out. For more product reviews and beauty tips subscribe and email me your request.


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