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The Start of a Healthier Way of Living!

I’m beginning to get to a stage of life that I no longer agree with the food I consume in my body. I always knew I wanted to eat cleaner but was aware that it would only be on my terms and when I was mentally ready. Changing eating habits can be very difficult. I consider myself a foodie and I love dining out trying different varieties of foods. As I get older the digestion process of heavier foods is becoming a problem. I typically don’t eat much in one single day. I’ve always had really bad stomach cramps after eating certain heavier foods for awhile. I’m not completely sure if it’s because of me consuming meat but I know for sure there is some type of way I can change the way I’ve been feeling. This is why I’m putting myself up for the change of going on a vegetarian diet for the month of January. I didn’t want to completely say, “Oh, I’m going Vegan”! I have to proceed with baby steps and continue to do my research and see if this will be a lifetime commitment. I can’t really imagine life without ice cream and seafood, but Pescatarian is always an option. If anyone is up for the challenge, join along!

I know the vegan talk has been very overrated and vegans have been getting a lot of backlash for forcing the lifestyle on their peers. By no means am I here saying, “Going vegan or vegetarian is the only alternative for eating cleaner”! Do what you believe is best for your health and temple. Remember consuming lots of salty and sugary foods will never have great results once age catches up with you. People who I know that are faithful vegans reiterate that they are either concerned with the lasting effects of consuming meat, against the slaughter of the animals, or the manufacturing process of foods. It’s always a personal decision, but once you stick with the decision try it out before giving up. It’s totally a mental thing.

Shamicka Beswick, owner of FashionMeatsFoodie and a dear friend of mine provides 30-60 minute consultations for people who need recipes, insight and direction on the vegan lifestyle. Visit her site and check her amazing Instagram out.


But enough foodie talk, let’s get to the good stuff. If you’ve been following me you know I’m a earth tone kind of girl. I love earth tones because they flatter my skin tone. I love the color green, and you can never go wrong with a leather jacket in one of your favorite colors. Below are some images captured with me wearing green in support of my leafy diet journey I have ahead.

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