New Year, New Me!

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I am so pleased and appreciative to bring to you a passionate work of art that I have been working on diligently for the past few months. This platform will give me the opportunity to not only express my perspective on fashion but to also share my outlook on other topics I feel deem to expand on. I’m so ready to embark on this journey with you guys and also share my craft that I have humbly been waiting on for years.

The #1 question that I get constantly when I meet people and share my brand name is, “How did you create the name, LOFTONBRADLEY?” So this is my story! Lofton Bradley was created through my transitional phase of becoming a curly girl. In, 2012 I big chopped all of hair off and became very knowledgeable with natural hair through Youtube. Brandi Lofton, was a youtuber that I came across upon my research for styling tips to tam my curly fro. We share a similar curl pattern and through her tips and tricks I was able to get the look I had been wanting to achieve with my hair. I loved her last name and this is how the “Lofton” part of my brand name was created.

All my close friends are aware that I’m a planner and always a step foot forward when it comes to ideas or just visions in general. Since I was in Middle School the name “Bradley” was always a name I wanted to name my first child. Talk about planning for the future, RIGHT?! We won’t get into the, “What if your husband doesn’t like the name?” That might not be up for decision, but we’ll discuss that in a future blog post.

So there you have it, that’s how “LOFTONBRADLEY” was developed. This platform is a visual layout for my unborn child to see that the possibilities are endless with hard work and consistency. Me creating my Instagram @loftonbradley created a way for me to express my love for fashion and a outlet I use to post all of the beautiful photos captured of me on those days off from my duties as a lady in Law Enforcement. (Bradley Hughes– Photographer)

LOFTONBRADLEY is that everyday elegant, classy women who is strong yet subtle, which is essentially more seductive. I have dreams to create a women/children’s line.

LOFTONBRADLEY is catered to the bond that a mother and daughter share through the expression of fashion. This is only the beginning, and I’m so excited for the growth and journey ahead.

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