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Favorite product stash!!
Favorite product stash!!
Favorite product stash!!

Lets talk about natural hair products. I will reveal all of the products and techniques I used while growing my curly bush. My hair styling routine has changed now that I have more length but most of the products listed below are still in my rotation.

Youtube had a big part in my decision of me big chopping my hair and going natural free of a relaxer. Mahogany Curls, Natural85, CoilyHeadChick and CurlyKimmyStar all had influences in my decision of going natural. It was so fascinating to me how they all had so much pride in hair care and I just loved all of their curly hair patterns. I would study their hair videos each day and they all emphasized that they all started somewhere and eventually achieved the growth they wanted as a result in sticking to a routine. The entire summer of 2012 I would be at my summer job suffering youtube in between my breaks. Studying the porosity of hair, curl materials, and all of the different products. It was very time consuming and I honestly felt like I was in a full time summer course on natural hair. Youtube has a broad variety of reviews and discussions on different items. You can save lots of money and time by just listening to others talk about an item you are interested in purchasing. Realistically, I knew it was a 99% chance my hair wouldn’t just magically come out looking like these youtubers I had admired. But, even though I wasn’t quite sure how my curly hair would come out, I was ready for the change after my intensive research I had done previously.

Once I made the decision to chop my hair off, my hair is the longest and healthiest it has ever been. It takes lots of patience and time learning what products work. But I will assure you if you are deciding if you should embark on your own natural hair journey, it truly will be the best decision you ever made regarding your hair.

Weekly Styling Routine:
I’m pretty simple with my hair now that it’s longer in length. I wash my hair once a week. I alternate between wash n go’s, twist outs and braid outs. Each styling technique gives me different looking curls. I prefer my hair down then an up-do hair style. Possibly in the future I will have videos on the different styling routines I use to get my curls more defined. Wash n go’s usually give me the fullness on the first day that I’m always trying to achieve. This style only last a few days, so I usually only style my hair in wash n go’s when I need a quick fix or I’m having a lazy day. For twist outs I use to hate the results when I had shorter natural hair. Now that my hair is longer I love them. When I blow my hair out I style my hair in a twistncurl. I take a same amount of product on my dry blown out hair and twist. Once I have completed the twist I roll the end with small perm rods. I will try to perfect the twist out on my wet hair now that my hair is longer. This style gives me lots of length and volume! The braid out style is my go to styling technique. I have tightly coiled hair and this technique stretches out my curl pattern.

Below are some photos of how the different techniques look styled on my natural hair:

Wash n go

Twist Out  (TwistnCurl)

Braid Out

How I protect my curls at night
At night I use the pineapple routine and place a 100% silk ebonnet on my hair. This will not work if you have just started your journey or have short natural hair. When I had a tiny winy frow I would use the banging technique. This allowed me to protect my hair while stretching it out for length. I will include links of examples of the pineapple and banding techniques.
Banding technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwXbzsYieZc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMisyLAKJtg
Pineapple routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rcOXO69iA4
Ebonnet: https://shopebonicurls.com/collections/ebonnets-1

Curly Girl Method
The Curly Girl Method includes just conditioning and applying gel to your tresses. No Shampoos!!! You can also use products that is included in the Curly Girl friendly list. These products have no silicone. This method was created by, Lorraine Massey founder of the Devachan (Deva Curl). I no longer use this method but it helped me a lot with the growth and shine of my hair during my journey.
Here are links for better explanation:
http://thecurlyhairproblems.tumblr.com/cgmethod https://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/no-poo/the-curly-girl-method-for-coily-hair/

Complete list of products I currently use or used during my natural hair journey:

DevaCurl Decadence- No Poo

Tressemme NATURALS Conditioner line (old formula)
Giovanni- Smooth as Silk Conditioner
DevaCurl- Decadence One Conditioner
Abla Botanica- Hawaiian Conditioner
Trader Joes- Nourish Spa

Deep Conditioners/ Hair Mask
Shea Moisture- Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Hydrating Masque
Smooth Natural- Perfect Moisture Deep Condtioner
Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisture Treatment
Carols daughter- TUI (COLOR CARE) Hydrating Mask
Bekura Beauty- Cocao Bark Deep Treatment

Hot oil treatments
Coconut, Avocado, Grapeseed, and Olive oil mixture
Darcy’s Botanical- Peach Oil
Darcy’s Botancial- Watermelon Oil

Bekura Beauty- Tonga Mousse
Bekura Beauty- Silk & Honey Latte Detangling Milk

Miss Jessies- Pillow Soft Curls
Smooth Naturals- Hair Profection
Uncle funkies Daughter Curly Magic (old formula)

Curl Junkie- Curls in a Bottle

Smooth Natural- Ultimate treat
Oyin Handmade- Hair dew
Smooth Natural’s- Absolute Moisture
Soutanicals- Mane thick Creamy Slick Conditioner

Bekura Beauty- Palm Tapioca
Bekura Beauty
Ynobeshop- Slicky Shea Cream
Naturalee Hair Care- Olive & Jojoba Buttercream
Aethiopika- Hydrate & Twist Butter
SheScentit- Seyani Hair Butter
Darcy’s Botanicals- Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream
Jane Carter Solutions- Curl Defining Cream
Bekura Beauty- Apple Sorghum Hair Syrup

Carols Daugther- Monoi Repairing leave-in Conditioner
Deva Curl- Set It Free Spray
Smooth Naturals- Nourishing Mist

Complete list and links of some Company’s Mentioned:
·      Smooth Naturals- http://smoothnaturals.com/
·      Bekura Beauty- http://www.bekurabeauty.com/
·      Darcy’s Botanicals- https://shop.naturallycurly.com/brands/Darcys- Botanicals.html (You can buy products here)
·      Shescentit- http://www.shescentit.com/
·      Oyin Handmade- https://oyinhandmade.com/the-juices-nourishing-herbal-leave-ins-8oz/ https://oyinhandmade.com/the-juices-nourishing-herbal-leave-ins-8oz/
·      Carol’s Daughter- http://www.carolsdaughter.com/
·      Deva Curl- http://www.devacurl.com/
·      Shea Moisture- https://www.sheamoisture.com/
·      Aethiopika- https://www.sephora.com/product/aethiopika-hydrate-twist-butter-P398115
·      Naturalee Hair Care- http://naturaleehaircare.wixsite.com/copy-of-naturaleehaircare/shop
·      Jane Carter Solution-  http://www.janecartersolution.com/
·      Ynobeshop- http://ebjo79.wixsite.com/ynobeshop-old/shop
·      Curl Junkie- http://www.curljunkie.com/
·      Miss Jessies- http://missjessies.com/
·      Uncle Funkies daughter- http://unclefunkysdaughter.com/curly-magic.html

Hope you all enjoyed my explanation of how I style and take care of my natural hair. If you Ladies and Gents liked these types of blog post please comment below. I can provide my thoughts and reviews on any product listed in this post. Let me know if you wish to see one.

Until next time…..


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