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This year I decided to think smart and save even more money! I only get my hair done professionally once a year. This is usually in April when I straighten it for my birthday. This has saved me tons of money within the last 6 years. But, on the flip side I have used that saved money and purchased lots of hair products. When I sat down and thought about it I realized I’m not really racking in on a savings because all natural ingredient products are not cheap!!  I have accumulated so many hair products over the 6 years since being completely free of a relaxer. As stated in my previous, “Product Stash Blog Post”, I have tried a lot of hair products from various companies. Most of the products mentioned all work on my natural hair texture. But, I came up with a challenge for myself and hopefully I will have the strength to stick to the plan.

So I came up with a solution to minimize my product stash. Each month I will feature a natural hair company and use only their products for the entire month. Each week I will post a different hairstyle using the product combo. My staple hairstyles include: braid out, twist out, twistncurl, and curlformer style. I will include photos of how my hair turn out each week and at the end of the month discuss the pros and cons of the products.
This months feature is a company name Bekura Beauty. I have been a true fan of this company for years and their products are always on my styling rotation. Not only does this company serve purpose for the hair but also skin as well. The thing I love about all natural skin and hair products is that they always smell so scrumptious, leaves my hair and skin moisturized for days and I’m also conscious about no harmful ingredients going into my body. I have stuck with using natural ingredients in my hair the entire way and this is definitely a reason I feel my hair has flourished.

The three products I will be using for the month are picture below. Products are available for purchase at




If you ladies ever need product recommendations or styling tips don’t hesitate to shoot me over an email! The big reveal of my braidout with using these three Bekura Beauty products will be posted soon.

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